In our sports club, we provide a variety of sports options. You can get enrolled in these sports during any time of the year. We offer the following programs.

Fitness programs

Being fit can be rewarding both physically and mentally. We have a number of fitness programs under one roof. You can choose from sports like basketball, racquetball, swimming or fitness programs like cardio, weight lifting, etc. The programs are scheduled more than once a day. So, you can choose a time according to your own convenience.


We have many professional trainers who can help you to reach your personal fitness goal. Whether your objective is to lose weight or build up muscle, our training professionals will work with you on a one-to-one basis and help you to achieve your goal. We have nutritionists in our club who makes a diet plan for each of the members taking personal training. So, the training along with the diet plan can help you achieve your fitness goals faster.


We provide various spa services like facial treatments, different kinds of massages, nail treatments, etc. to make you look beautiful and keep your skin and body healthy.

You can visit our club anytime to see the environment and facilities available. You can talk to our sports professionals to decide which program will be suitable for you. Please contact us for more information.