Welcome to MTV Tellingstedt! It is a sports club for the youth who wants to lead a healthy life. The young people today are engrossed in technology and often don’t get the time for any physical activity. Their food habit is also making them unhealthy. Our sports club offers various sports options you can enjoy. These sports are not only recreational; these are also very beneficial for health.

We provide martial arts classes, yoga, basketball, tennis, swimming, weightlifting, and other sports. You can get enrolled in any of these sports. There are separate classes for men and women. The classes are offered at various times so that you can find a suitable time for yourself.

Our sports professionals are very experienced. They have years of training and achieved lots of awards in sports. With their guidance, you will be able to be good at sports and take part in various tournaments. Our club has developed some national players as well.

You can join our sports club for learning sports or just engaging yourself in some kind of physical activity. Visit our site to learn more about our club.